PZ9 & CWC TEAM-UP on Mission to Find Next Best Hacker! PZ Compete in Challenges to Replace PZ9

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Published by : Chad Wild Clay
After Chad Wild Clay made the video "HACKER ROASTS ME in a Diss Track Rap Battle Royale! We Clapback with our own SPY NINJAS Music Video", Vy Qwaint created "PZ9 LIVES AT SAFE HOUSE!? Surprising Hacker with Giant Mystery Wheel vs Spy Ninjas Trust Challenges", and Daniel uploaded "DANIEL'S OLD YouTube MUSIC CHANNEL! Spending 24 Hours Creating a DIY Rock Band to Distract Hackers" to the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, I introduce the Spy Ninjas to the newest roommate, PZ9! He's homeless and needs a place to stay, and since he's been helping us fight off Project Zorgo, we should really offer him a place to sleep comfortably. Regina, possibly being PZ9's sister, should offer her room to share with our newest guest. Things aren't all that fine and dandy, as we receive notice that the evil hacker group, Project Zorgo, has released a new video. In the video, they explain that they will be holding a contest to determine who will be the recipient of a mysterious hacker upgrade! Fortunately for us, PZ9 is well aware of where this location actually is. Should I bring him with me? How well do you think PZ9 and I will do on a mission together? Does he have what it takes to complete a Spy Ninja mission? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!

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